What: Our seventh issue, on the theme of ‘Citizenship’, to be published in December 2019.

In a world of increasing mobility and global interconnectedness, citizenship continues to be one of the most important political issues of our time. During the Brexit crisis in the UK questions of citizenship have arisen for EU citizens resident in Britain whose rights and legal statuses are increasingly uncertain in a changing constitutional environment. At the same time, there has been an unprecedented rush among many eligible British nationals to obtain Irish citizenship in order to retain access to the freedoms of social and physical mobility that EU status provides. Across continents, there has been a reported rise of a ‘citizenship industry’ where citizenship-through-investment programmes now account for a reported $25bn (£20bn) a year in the global economy. In Vanuatu, for example, passports are sold by the state for around $150,000 and now provide the biggest source of its government's revenues. Evidently, the meaning of citizenship is fast evolving and its importance politically has never been greater. 

For our December 2019 issue, Routed Magazine is seeking contributions which focus on:

  • How the meaning of citizenship has evolved in classical and contemporary theory, historical development, and lived experience.

  • How the boundaries between citizen and non-citizen are shifting; and the implications of these moving boundaries for citizens, non-citizens and states alike.

  • The many material, social and spatial practices that constitute citizenship: e.g. citizenship and rights activation though passports, citizenship charters, social activism. 

  • The commodification and marketisation of citizenship and the processes in which citizenship is becoming ‘big business’.

We are particularly interested in publishing work that lifts up the voices of people ‘on the move’ and exploring human (im)mobility in its many varied forms.


We are also keen on receiving pieces that analyse current news about migration and (im)mobility, or reflect on cultural production related to these topics.

Articles should address a broad audience, made of experts and non-experts, and should be originally written in English or Spanish.

When: The deadline for proposals is 2nd November.

How: If you are interested in proposing a submission for the seventh issue, please send us a short abstract no longer than 250 words via email to:

Article guidelines:

  1. The length of the piece should be between 700 and 1000 words.

  2. The article should consistently use British spelling and grammar, if you’re writing in English.

  3. The simpler the language the better. Try to briefly explain or add links to any concepts, organisations, policies… introduced in the article.

  4. Concepts and cited works/legislation/articles should be inserted in the article as hyperlinks.

  5. All acronyms should be specified in parentheses.

Some notes on the publication process:

  1. After sending your abstract, we will get back to you within a couple of days.

  2. First drafts are due on 16th November, for publication on 14th December. Once you send us your first draft, your editor will get back to you with their comments, which you will review before publication.

  3. The article will be translated and promoted on social media.

  4. We understand some of the topics may be highly sensitive. If any writer wishes to remain anonymous, we commit to protecting his or her identity.

  5. Please be aware that any opinions you express in your article will be yours alone and not reflect Routed's general stance.

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