Climate change and mobilities

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What: Our fourth issue, on the theme of ‘Climate Change and Mobilities’, to be published in June 2019.

Across the world human-induced climate change is transforming the planet’s environments and ecosystems and affecting migratory movements of people and animals. At the same time, migratory movements can transform local environments by putting pressure on finite resources and exacerbating the conditions for environmental damage. In this context, the phenomenon of ‘climate refugees’ has emerged prominently among other forms of mobility, from farmers escaping drought in Syria’s fertile crescent to the so-called ‘migrant caravan’ driven, in part, by Central America’s changing climate. Politics has also taken on transnational dimensions with social movements mobilising between continents calling on their respective governments to do more to reduce fossil-fuel dependency. In this issue, Routed seeks contributions to examine this complex and multifaceted connection between migration, (im)mobilities and the planet’s changing climate. What sort of migratory movements can be classified as ‘climate-induced’ and what does this mean for our current legal paradigm for refugees? How are migrants and/or transnational activists responding to climate change? Thinking beyond the anthropocentrism of our current era, in what ways do non-human forms of mobility fit into this discussion? Can ‘post-human’ or ‘object-oriented’ ideas offer alternative ways of thinking beyond our current human-dominated paradigms?

We are particularly interested in publishing work that lifts up the voices of people ‘on the move’ and exploring human (im)mobility in its many varied forms.


We are also keen on receiving pieces that analyse current news about migration and (im)mobility, or reflect on cultural production related to these topics.

Articles should address a broad audience, made of experts and non-experts, and should be originally written in English or Spanish.

When: The deadline for proposals is 11th May.

How: If you are interested in proposing a submission for the fourth issue, please send us a short abstract no longer than 250 words via email to:

Article guidelines:

  1. The length of the piece should be between 700 and 1000 words.

  2. The article should consistently use British spelling and grammar, if you’re writing in English.

  3. The simpler the language the better. Try to briefly explain or add links to any concepts, organisations, policies… introduced in the article.

  4. Concepts and cited works/legislation/articles should be inserted in the article as hyperlinks.

  5. All acronyms should be specified in parentheses.

Some notes on the publication process:

  1. After sending your abstract, we will get back to you within a couple of days.

  2. First drafts are due on 25th May, for publication on 15th June. Once you send us your first draft, your editor will get back to you with their comments, which you will review before publication.

  3. The article will be translated and promoted on social media.

  4. We understand some of the topics may be highly sensitive. If any writer wishes to remain anonymous, we commit to protect his or her identity.

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