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Emotions in transit

Citizenship, nationality and belonging

The meaning of citizenship is fast evolving and its political importance has never been greater. 

This issue brings into question who qualifies as a citizen, how the boundaries within our societies are made, and what it means to belong. 


Investor citizenship and the public charge rule: What do they mean for Americans?


'They are too many to naturalise': How citizenship debates politicise Syrians

Locating citizenship: Pakistani immigrants in Oñati, Basque Country

Revocation of citizenship: The construction of boundaries between citizens

Emotions in transit: Contemplating belonging in the aeroplane

Citizenship in the United Arab Emirates: A spectrum of categories

Migration on the ballot: European elections and migrant enfranchisement


The Mediterranean status quo: European cooperation or sporadic solidarity?


32 by 45: The Trump administration defines a national emergency


'The Colombian Dream': Portraying the new routes

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Vehicles of Mobility: Transportation & Migration Infrastructures

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Arts & Culture
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Zehra - Bird on a Wire by Chris Campbell

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'People think refugees just likely know things' (a found research poem)