Stories of mobility

Follow the steps of migrants and activists through these personal testimonies, interviews and family stories of migration and mobility.

(Max) Catherine Bryan Violet in Personal

On labour migration and reproduction in the time of COVID-19

Richard Anyah - Micra by Tope Ajayi

End-time theories: COVID-19 conspiracy theories and the mobility of labourers in Ibadan under partial lockdown


L'après (The After): Resilience stories

1 family, 2 countries, 3 borders: Children and youth expressions of love in family separation

Photo 6 (Karri).jpeg

‘Have I really survived?’: On home, refuge, and quarantine in Rome

Oluwasegun Ajetunmobi - Traditional_Medi

Transnational herbal medicine practitioners along the Nigeria-Niger corridor in the time of a pandemic


The European Union’s conflicting mobility policies

(Max) Chrysi K antoine-merour-kKsZ9Z1kF1

Being ‘on hold’: within the same territory, on different ground

(Margaret) Pamela K_Nick O.C_DSC_2900 (1

Lost humanity in human resources: Italy’s economic revival through migrant labour exploitation during COVID-19


Dostema: A conversation with my friend

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