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Calls for submissions

Open: Vehicles of Mobility: Transportation and Migration Infrastructures’ (April 2020)

Migration is not only about the movement of humans; vehicles, roads and routes merit a much more central place in our understandings of migration. We are seeking articles that investigate topics including the role of mobility infrastructures in migration politics, the historical development of modes of transportation, the contribution of modes of transportation to freedom, mobility, control and/or expulsion, etc.

Deadline for proposals: 15th February 2020.

Read the full call for submissions here.

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Beside the proposed topic, we are also keen on receiving pieces that analyse current news about migration and (im)mobility, or reflect on cultural production related to these topics. Articles should address a broad audience, made of experts and non-experts, and should be originally written in English or Spanish.

If you are interested in proposing a submission, please send us a short abstract no longer than 250 words via email to: RoutedMagazine@gmail.com

Next Issue (closed): Love, Family and Friendship Across Borders’ (February 2020). 


Love, friendship and family ties reach beyond borders. Through migration and mobility, people on the move build connections that spread across geographies and take a variety of forms. At the same time, borders and distance are also agents of separation. This issue will feature contributions that reflect on stories of connection and distance across borders, and look into the political and social dimensions of migration, family and love.

This call for submissions is already closed. You can read the full version here.