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The Team

Fiona Buchanan

Editor & Contributor

Fiona has worked for both the Australian and UK governments for over five years as a policy adviser, including on migration. She has an MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies from the University of Oxford, where her research centred on the politics of gender in refugee resettlement. She also has an interest in refugee community sponsorship schemes, efforts to combat human trafficking, and the rights of LGBTQ+ asylum seekers. As well as playing netball and singing, Fiona enjoys learning Arabic, which she is currently trying to rekindle, despite now living back in her home town of Melbourne.

Max Cohen

Editor & Contributor


Max comes from Glasgow in Scotland. After completing the MSc Migration Studies at Oxford University he is currently travelling, reading and researching while in the process of applying for a PhD in Economic Geography. He is interested in a broad range of social and political issues from political economy to musicology. As well as loving to write and research Max is a keen musician and footballer, playing the piano and scoring hat-tricks on a frequent basis.

Markéta (Margaret) Koudelkova

Editor, Contributor & Communications Coordinator

Markéta grew up in a small town in the Czech Republic. Her time in academia started at Charles University in Prague with a degree in International Area Studies, she also spent one year in Leeds as an Erasmus exchange student. In July, she graduated from the University of Oxford with an MSc in Migration Studies. She is currently working at a non-profit in Somerset. Apart from volunteering and reading on (post)secularism, she spends her free time looking for J. R. R. Tolkien’s masterpieces she has not yet read.

Hannah Markay

Editor & Contributor

Hannah completed a M.A. in Social Anthropology and Politics at the University of Edinburgh, with a year abroad in Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. During her MSc. in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies at the University of Oxford, she focused primarily on alternative safe and legal pathways for mobility. After the master’s she interned at Generations For Peace in Amman, Jordan, where she currently works, and Mediterranean Hope’s Observatory on Migration in Lampedusa, Italy. She enjoys hiking, anything involving bodies of water, and questioning what it means to be a hospitality-accepting vegetarian.

Magda Rodríguez Dehli

Editor in chief & Contributor


Magda was born and raised in Spain and obtained a B.A. in International Relations from the Complutense University of Madrid, studying abroad at UCLA and at the Institut d'Études Politiques de Lyon, and an MSc in Migration Studies from the University of Oxford. She interned at the Spanish Foreign Ministry and at the European Commission and she is currently preparing the admission exams for the Spanish foreign service. Her two passions are singing in the shower and keeping a close eye on all things political.

Hallam Tuck

Editor & Contributor 


Hallam Tuck is a graduate of the MSc in Migration Studies at the University of Oxford, where his research focused on state power, privatization, and immigration detention in the US. Before grad school, he was a community organizer at Catholic Charities refugee resettlement program in Syracuse, NY, and the Legal Initiatives Associate at the New York Immigration Coalition. 

Achille Versaevel

Communications Officer


Achille is a junior specialist of migration within and towards Europe. He graduated in 2018 with a first Master’s degree in European Studies from King’s College London and the Humboldt University in Berlin. He then opted for a second Master’s degree, in Migration Studies and at the University of Oxford, from which he graduated in 2019. A keen ping-pong player, his areas of interest also include the study of immobility and the Central Asian migratory ecosystem – but, as for now, he is mostly struggling to learn Russian.