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Reviews, interviews & cultural analyses

If you are looking for books to read or films to watch, this is your corner. Here you will find interviews, in-depth reviews, and analyses of cultural creations that focus on the multiple dimensions of migration and mobility.

Daniel Whyte, photo credit_ 'By Robert Sharp - CC BY-SA 4.0.png

Afropolitanism: Rewriting African mobility in the 21st century?

Lena Hartz (Lena's photo).jpeg

Book review: Frictions in cosmopolitan mobilities

Subhadip Mukherjee.jpg

(Re)thinking refugee detention: Behrouz Boochani’s politics of ‘naming’ as an act of resistance to the Australian border system

(Javier) Turkish Ninja from PAKEL COOPERATION SS20 CAMPAIGN  Ph. Jiyan Kızılboğa.JPG

Turkish ninjas, identity and championing sustainable fashion: An interview with Emre Pakel

(Hannah) Screenshot from Christmas Conce

Life skills through music: A gift beyond music from Venezuela to Peru


Unveiling the European Border Regime: Review of Stefan Kruse’s The Migrating Image


A short film: The Classroom as an analogy of a fearful society

D L Jayasinghe - The Boat is Full.jpg

Religious refugees of the Holocaust and the denial of the right to free movement in Markus Imhoof’s The Boat is Full

Dipsita Dhar_pic.jpg

The estranged song: How Kathu Pattu and Bidesiya Birha folk songs narrate the social cost of migration in India

Magda-Book review2S.jpg

Book review: Digital identities, virtual borders and social media: A panacea for migration governance?

1 Femi Cushions.jpg

‘I have always been a person of two worlds’: Interview with Kacey Femi Ajayi, Nigerian artist and founder of Femi Creatives


Memories, nostalgia and acculturation in Marricke’s Afro-London Wahala


A Word Away, a new film by Mollie Moore

Comma Press

Book review: Refugee Tales, volume III

Shaddin_review pic.jpeg

Book review: Handbook of translocal development and global mobilities

Irene Praga.jpg

‘We are wandering displaced’: Time Perception in Behrouz’s Boochani’s No Friend but the Mountains

(Magda) MDGs review – with permission from the author.png

And they kept spinning around: A review of MDGs: Mzungus in Development and Governments


What if this were the end of mobility? A (not so) dystopian reading of current affairs


What to watch: La Cocina de las Patronas


Unveiling detention and health care on the Island of Hungry Ghosts

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