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Here are some of our newsroom’s picks for books, films and series about migration and mobility – and we also made you a playlist with our favourite migration tunes!

Routed Recommends

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Border lines. Poems of migration

Poem anthology. Edited by Mihaela Moscaliuc and Michael Waters. Everyman's Library, UK, 2020.

This collection of poems gathers the voices of over one hundred authors from across the world, forming a mosaic of global experiences of migration, home, and displacement. The six sections – Crossings, Promised land, Motherland, Labor, Language, and Community – explore different notions of home or ways of feeling at home, whether it is ‘the left-behind world of birthplace and ancestry’ or ‘the strange but fresh landscape of possibility and promise’. These poems also remind us that migration can come in many forms and lead to many identities. Some mourn the person they were before they migrated, others want to reinvent themselves. Some people are bubbling over with expectations, others are fearful. There are also poems dedicated to what or whom we leave behind when we migrate; migration can be about losing one’s mother tongue but it can also be about acquiring a new language and making it one’s own. The book significantly ends with Community, reminiscing about what holds us together and what brings us together, what gives us a sense of community before, during, and after migration. The collection does not only portray those on the move, though, but also those who choose to stay and those left behind. Most of the poems leave the reader with mixed feelings of estrangement and a deep connection with the narrator. Due to the wide array of topics addressed, almost any reader will find themselves in one of the poems whatever form of (im)mobility they have encountered in their lives.

—Lena Hartz