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Here are some of our newsroom’s picks for books, films and series about migration and mobility – and we also made you a playlist with our favourite migration tunes!

Routed Recommends


Short film. Peru, 2019. Directed by Julio Mora & Javier Ormeno.

This film reflects on silenced family stories, displacement, and reconstructing identity. On the screen, souvenirs collected across many countries are placed together.


Some pieces of a broken set in your pocket

a recollection 

identity bits in foreign objects

you fall... drowning in heavens


The little pixels and your remnants

come around them in a weird harmony

to re-weave your story

a new poetry


While Peru never fought in WWII, the Peruvian Government broke diplomatic ties with Germany and Japan in 1942. People from those countries living in Peru and their descendants saw their assets seized. The ones that got it worst were the Japanese, who were accused of espionage and sent to detention camps. Fearing incarceration and dispossession, an unknown number of them changed their surnames, leaving their identities behind. For instance, Mr Morita became Mr Mora (‘Mr Blackberry’). You don’t find this information in books; dishonour is not an issue people want to talk about. Neither the surviving Nikkei community nor the self-isolated families mention this. The objects and costume displayed in the film signal to the forefathers’ land and their silenced history.

—Javier Ormeno

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