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Voices on the move

Follow the steps of migrants and activists through these personal testimonies, interviews and family stories of migration and mobility.

Vicky Panossian_s Pic [

Inheriting the diaspora identity: Narrating the Lebanese-Armenian language dilemma

Irene Praga_RM_SeptemberS.jpg

From my window: Quarantine and hunger during the rentrée at the University of Geneva

maria jose yax picture 1S.JPG

On the question of ‘Where is home?’

Alexander Bossakov.jpeg

Smuggled culture: Pan-Balkan narratives of belonging

Photo 1 Group artwork.JPG

Recipes for resilience: The complex meanings behind food-related objects

Jim Jimeno.jpg

The people bringing Filipinos home for the holidays

CEU graduation 2017.jpg

Putting together the Hungarian puzzle


Fighting against homesickness

Sahizer Samuk

From Bulgaria to Turkey, from Turkey to the USA: A family history through interethnic marriages and records


Personal stories of home, belonging, and refuge at the War Childhood Museum

Daniel Braga Nascimento.jpg

‘Returning is much more complicated than leaving’: Brazilians in Germany on (not) visiting ‘home’ on holidays

Jenna AlthoffS.jpg

Becoming an academic while immobilised: International academic mobility and global inequality

Chloe AlquitranS.jpg

Palm leaves

Zeynep Aydar.jpg

‘Please don't turn the stove off!’: Travelling with the çaydanlık and Turkish tea

Annabel Evans.JPG

Objects of (im)mobility in Jordan: How journeys of migration leave their impression on the home

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