Voices on the move

Follow the steps of migrants and activists through these personal testimonies, interviews and family stories of migration and mobility.

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On the question of ‘Where is home?’

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Smuggled culture: Pan-Balkan narratives of belonging

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Recipes for resilience: The complex meanings behind food-related objects

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Checkered foundations: How a chessboard educated hundreds

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Narrating belonging and intimacy through food: Sinigang and transnational Japanese-Filipino families


Fighting against homesickness

Sahizer Samuk

From Bulgaria to Turkey, from Turkey to the USA: A family history through interethnic marriages and records


Personal stories of home, belonging, and refuge at the War Childhood Museum

elika assumi Obscure Towns, Big Cities a

Obscure towns, big cities and the mapping of identity

Thao (Ashley Dam) Photo 1 Typical Khmer

Incense, Angkor, and a kilo of trey ngeat: The materiality of Khmer culture in Cambodia and the Khmerican diaspora

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Palm leaves

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‘Please don't turn the stove off!’: Travelling with the çaydanlık and Turkish tea

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Objects of (im)mobility in Jordan: How journeys of migration leave their impression on the home

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Of elephant gods, and fish curry in a clay pot: Memory, identity, and cultural reproduction

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Unapologetically bicultural: how my grandfather’s migration journey shaped my connection between the US and Mexico

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