Walking through migration news

Migration is all over the news: the emergencies, the numbers, the political reactions. Here we provide you with our short but deep analyses of what is going on in the world of migration, wrapped-up in context, long-term perspectives, and checked facts. 

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Troubling horizons: Catching a glimpse of Europe’s future in migration control

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‘This is hypocrisy’ – A Q&A with Giulia Tranchina on European migration policy in Libya


The Indian Muslim: An immigrant at home


The border toll: Relationships at the Irish border in the age of Brexit


Migration on the ballot: European elections and immigrant enfranchisement


‘The Colombian Dream’: Portraying the new routes

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Belarus’s political capital abroad: The role of activists fighting for democracy from Lithuania


Recognising ‘qualified vulnerability’: Obstacles to mobility in the Humanitarian Corridors Project in Lebanon


COVID-19 special issue: Epidemics, labour and mobility


A relationship beyond borders: The emotional impact of Brexit

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Stuck ships, prosecuted captains: How Europe imposes immobility


The Mediterranean status quo: European cooperation or sporadic solidarity?

(Fiona) A traffic warden in PyongyangS.j

Thae Yong-ho: From North Korean defector to South Korean politician

Sudan revolution

Ripples of a Massacre: Militiamen, European border externalisation and Revolution in Sudan


In honour of Sarah: A call to recognise the complexity of queerness in exile


Love beyond labels: Resettlement in Amish country


32 by 45: the Trump administration defines a national emergency