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South Asia

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Instagram: A new identity for the descendants of indentureship

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Diaspora organisations and technology: The role of the Afghan-Dutch diaspora in fighting COVID-19

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Nepali migrants’ use of social media during the pandemic

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Long journeys, transit lounges, and homeland touchdown: Homeland visits of the Indian diaspora’s youth

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Mobile women without mobile phones: Indian domestic workers in the Gulf

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Southeast and East Asia

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French Asian youth online: Constructing collective identity and fighting against racism

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The people bringing Filipinos home for the holidays

(Fiona) A traffic warden in PyongyangS.j

Thae Yong-ho: From North Korean defector to South Korean politician

Thao (Ashley Dam) Photo 1 Typical Khmer

Incense, Angkor, and a kilo of trey ngeat: The materiality of Khmer culture in Cambodia and the Khmerican diaspora

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To visit home or not: Decision-making among foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong

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