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European Union

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Two Jesuses: The Bible as a pro-migrant text and the westernisation of Christ

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Local voting rights for non-EU nationals in the EU: Democratic principle or earned privilege?

Marlene Gartner (1), Bar in Yaoundé, Cameroon (photo by author).jpeg

Bushfalling: The language around adventure and migration in Cameroon


Fuocoammare, or the critical call of a silent artwork: Can art challenge the dominant European discourse? 

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Troubling horizons: Catching a glimpse of Europe’s future in migration control

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Northern Europe (East and West)

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Frustrated and angry voices from far away: Returning home amid the pandemic

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Who wants to be a refugee? Scotland attempts to make migration more inclusive by inventing new words

Lalaine Siruno - taken by author - Photo for Routed (c)LSiruno.jpeg

In God we trust: Religious beliefs and sensemaking of Filipino undocumented migrants in the Netherlands

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Money, race and power: The origins of the expatriate

D L Jayasinghe - The Boat is Full.jpg

Religious refugees of the Holocaust and the denial of the right to free movement in Markus Imhoof’s The Boat is Full

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Southern Europe

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Authentication of movement: Who gets to be a pilgrim on the Camino?

Bardha Qokaj - Cape of Rodon photoS.jpg

Make home a better place through diaspora programmes: Engaging the Albanian diaspora during the pandemic

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What are the correct words for talking about migration?

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 i-platform/i-dijaspora connecting the Bosnian and Herzegovinian diaspora in Switzerland

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Ande Dem: Redrawing the vending terrain through fashion and resistance

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