Borders and Justice

The Oxford Migration Studies Society, the Migration and Mobility Network, Border Criminologies, and Routed Magazine are hosting the Oxford Migration Conference 2021.

Following last year's OMC, the 2021 Conference has adopted a digital format, with a series of publications that will be available on this site from 8 May, and a week of live virtual panels that will take place from 10 to 15 May.

We invite academics, researchers, activists, artists, practitioners, and other stakeholders to join this conversation on the moral foundations of borders, notions of exclusion and inclusion, mechanisms of border control and forms of resistance, in a collective and collaborative attempt to challenge the current border regime(s) and imagine future realities.

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[Download the 2021 Conference poster here]


Border histories, (im)moral foundations


Detention, encampment and deportation


Border technologies


Criminalisation and crimmigration


Border discrimination


Bordering, borderlines and border diffusion


COVID-19 and borders


Current resistance & future alternatives

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