Middle East & North Africa

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Objects of (im)mobility in Amman, Jordan: How journeys of migration leave their impression on the home

Santiago Peluffo

A mate alone

Sahizer Samuk

From Bulgaria to Turkey, from Turkey to the USA: A family history through interethnic marriages and records


An inevitable passageway to Europe under COVID-19: A healthcare and economic crisis without precedence

(Hannah) Shaddin Almasri (CREDIT_ Ezzeld

Daily-wage migrant workers and government COVID-19 responses in Jordan


The European Union’s conflicting mobility policies


Networking for motherhood: The experiences of young Syrian refugee mothers


Citizenship in the United Arab Emirates: A spectrum of categories


Interview with Juan delGado, founder of Qisetna: ‘We wanted to reclaim a space for Syrians to share their stories’

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Emotional (im)mobility: Exploring objects of hope, despair, and imaginary territory

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Personal stories of home, belonging, and refuge at the War Childhood Museum

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In honour of Sarah: A call to recognise the complexity of queerness in exile

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‘Have I really survived?’: On home, refuge, and quarantine in Rome

(Hannah) Priya Deshingkar & Lamea MomenS

Hyper-precarious lives: Bangladeshi migrants on Azad visas in Qatar during the COVID-19 pandemic


Love, a central catalyst for my international mobility


Compulsory strength: Maternal love in circumstances of exile and displacement


Kurdish diaspora politics in Birmingham

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Travelling with cuisines: Immigrant entrepreneurs and the remaking of culinary cultures in Copenhagen

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‘Please don't turn the stove off!’: Travelling with the çaydanlık and Turkish tea

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What a life in the host country: Narratives of immigrants in Morocco amid the pandemic


COVID-19 may not have reached Syrian communities in the Middle East, but its domino effects have

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The impact of return migration to Kerala from the Gulf amidst the pandemic


The human heart: The invisible baggage of migration


The worldly wander of a Somali passport


‘They are too many to naturalise’: How citizenship debates politicise Syrians

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