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Transformation and Resilience

The Oxford Migration Studies Society and Routed Magazine are thrilled to present this special issue complementing the Oxford Migration Conference 2024.


The Oxford Migration Conference took place in mid-May 2024 in Oxford, and focused on the topic Transformation and Resilience. The conference spanned a range of issues facing migrants and displaced people in today’s climate, questioning the power dynamics inherent in migration politics across the globe. The issue compiled here features insights from academics, students, researchers, activists and practitioners. It brings to the forefront the voices of migrants and people with experience of displacement and the realities of borders in our modern world. 


The issue is organised around seven different topics: colonialism and decolonisation; securitisation and criminalisation; climate change; gender and sexuality; labour and livelihoods; shelter and development; and culture, identity and integration. The pieces confront diverse topics - from border regimes in Saudi Arabia and Mexico; to Palestine workers’ resistance in the face of settler colonialism; electronic incarceration and digital surveillance; narratives of gender transition as a form of migration; and the experience of refugees and asylum seekers in Jordan, Scotland and Germany. There is something here to pique anyone’s interest.


With sincere thanks to the organisers, who have made this collaboration possible, under the coordination of Amala Karri; thank you as well to the Oxford Department of International Development (ODID) and  the Centre on Migration, Policy, and Society (COMPAS) for their invaluable help in organising the 2024 conference, as well as the Office of the Vice Chancellor for generously helping fund the conference. We are honoured to feature the work and personal stories of all the contributing panellists and authors.  The work of guest editors and Oxford students was essential in producing the issue, we are grateful to Amala Karri, Priscilla Tomaz, Dominique de Villiers, Natalia Lopez, Isabella Hayne, Abby Isaac, Florin Najera-Uresti, Karolina Rybakowska, Hana Davis, and Laura Blythe. As ever, thanks also go to Routed Magazine’s editing and communications teams: Shaddin Almasri, Woopi Takarasima, Fiona Buchanan, Lillian Babayan, Charles Mbatsogo, Lena Hartz, Chrysi Kyratsou, Sarah Etter, and Margaret Koudelkova. 


Please enjoy this issue and share widely with your networks!

You can find the programme of the 2024 Oxford Migration Conference here.

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