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Seeing like a poet: Migration through the creative lens

In the messy world of migration politics, art has the power to stir debate, promote action and open our imaginations to new political possibilities. In his 1999 book Seeing Like a State, James Scott argued that ‘state simplifications’, in terms of state numerical and standardised abstractions of people and places, ultimately fail in their attempts to ‘improve the human condition’. Turning this argument on its head exactly 20 years later, Routed is publishing a monographic issue focusing on forms of art that allow us to see migration ‘like a poet’: revealing the emotions and tensions inherent to both the migrant condition and the ways in which migration is understood and acted upon.

This issue features the work of four poets, who through words and images present their visions of movement and space, belonging and otherness, hopes and fears.

puerro largo.png



A Desi Girl Goes to London


And that is your chance


‘People think refugees just likely know things’ (a found research poem)

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