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The new world politics of movement

The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, adopted in December 2018, became a milestone in the history of migration politics. It represents an effort to ‘regularise’ migration, which has been lauded by many members of the international community. At the same time, it has provoked an unprecedented level of far-right populist backlash, causing many states to withdraw from the agreement.


In this issue, we aim at cutting through all the noise surrounding the Global Compact for Migration and look at what is really at stake: the need for this framework, the controversies about it, and what we can expect from it in the near future.

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Safe, orderly, regular


The pick & mix of the Global Compact for Migration: What will happen after its implementation?


The Global Compact for Migration in a nutshell


32 by 45: The Trump administration defines a national emergency


The Global Compact for Migration and its foes

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Prose from the Eurostar

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