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From WeChat to Clubhouse: The Chinese diaspora’s quest for free speech online

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Diaspora organisations and technology: The role of the Afghan-Dutch diaspora in fighting COVID-19

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The AEMRN diaspora: Bridging the digital divide and knowledge gap between countries 

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French Asian youth online: Constructing collective identity and fighting against racism

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Creating global currencies for sustainable development

Melanie Stanek - ODW Lab in Tijuana.HEIC

Bridging the gap in digital literacy for asylum seekers in Mexico

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Breaking diaspora engagement barriers through effective media communication

(Hannah) Screenshot from Christmas Conce

Life skills through music: A gift beyond music from Venezuela to Peru

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Long journeys, transit lounges, and homeland touchdown: Homeland visits of the Indian diaspora’s youth

Claire Fletcher [Attribute to_Unsplash a

The university schemes aiming to improve access to higher education for forced migrants

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Narrating belonging and intimacy through food: Sinigang and transnational Japanese-Filipino families

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Emotional (im)mobility: Exploring objects of hope, despair, and imaginary territory

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‘The power of banga’: Exploring food as a cultural connector between migrants and the homeland

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Travelling with cuisines: Immigrant entrepreneurs and the remaking of culinary cultures in Copenhagen

Thao (Ashley Dam) Photo 1 Typical Khmer

Incense, Angkor, and a kilo of trey ngeat: The materiality of Khmer culture in Cambodia and the Khmerican diaspora


What a life in the host country: Narratives of immigrants in Morocco amid the pandemic

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Don’t come close: The plight of street children during COVID-19’s ‘forced immobility’

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‘Have I really survived?’: On home, refuge, and quarantine in Rome


Stuck between borders: Transportation of humanitarian aid from Sweden to Western Balkans


The trail of three brothers: A story of mobility and fixity from Liverpool Chinatown


Finding ‘Home’ across borders: Upholding love, care and culture in my transnational family


A relationship beyond borders: The emotional impact of Brexit


Compulsory strength: Maternal love in circumstances of exile and displacement


The border toll: Relationships at the Irish border in the age of Brexit


Emotions in transit: Contemplating belonging in the aeroplane

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Twitter orientation and digitalised medical outreach of transnational Nigerian doctors to the homeland during COVID-19

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Instagram: A new identity for the descendants of indentureship

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Mobile women without mobile phones: Indian domestic workers in the Gulf

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INTIMAL: Relational listening that unknowingly prepared us for the COVID-19 pandemic

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Diasporas’ transnational engagement through the use of mobile applications and online platforms

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Central American News: The diaspora’s media that bridges Central America and abroad

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Nepali migrants’ use of social media during the pandemic

Ka Wang Kelvin Lam _ Chi Sum WongS.jpeg

To visit home or not: Decision-making among foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong

Vicky Panossian_s Pic [

Inheriting the diaspora identity: Narrating the Lebanese-Armenian language dilemma

Arthur Peirce - Julie Ricard, Unsplash.j

Refugee education in Greece: disjointed, disconnected and inadequate

Magda Dehli - cover photo 2S.JPG

Frode Frosk goes to Spain: A tale of family, memory and migration

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Aroma to identity: The migrant way of life


The spaces in between: Social memory at Dzaleka refugee camp

elika assumi Obscure Towns, Big Cities a

Obscure towns, big cities and the mapping of identity

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Smuggled culture: Pan-Balkan narratives of belonging

Richard Anyah - Micra by Tope Ajayi

End-time theories: The intersection of COVID-19 conspiracy theories and the mobility of labourers in Ibadan

Oluwasegun Ajetunmobi - Traditional_Medi

Transnational herbal medicine practitioners along the Nigeria-Niger corridor in the time of a pandemic


In honour of Sarah: A call to recognise the complexity of queerness in exile


A foreigner at home


Love, a central catalyst for my international mobility


The human heart: The invisible baggage of migration


1 family, 2 countries, 3 borders: Children and youth expressions of love in spaces of family separation


A virtual red lollipop for my grandchild


Love beyond labels: Resettlement in Amish country


The children of migration: The blurred border between roots and routes

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i-platform/i-dijaspora connecting the Bosnian and Herzegovinian diaspora in Switzerland

Bardha Qokaj - Cape of Rodon photoS.jpg

Make home a better place through diaspora programmes: Engaging the Albanian diaspora during the pandemic

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The role of technology in the enhancement of diasporic networks

Jihad Alabdullah - Manzoul.png

The experience of the Manzoul organisation in using digital technology to support the Syrian diaspora

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How Clubhouse connects the Ghanaian diaspora

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Emigrating e-Services: Diasporic insta-advocacy and the Egyptian ID card renewal process

(Madison) Benachour Saidi - picture by k

Cross-cultural adaptation of international students in Moroccan higher education

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‘Returning is much more complicated than leaving’: High-skilled Brazilians on (not) visiting ‘home’ on holidays


A homing journey: Notions of home during the COVID-19 pandemic

Mini Chandran Kurian - cover photoS.jpg

Of elephant gods, and fish curry in a clay pot: Memory, identity, and cultural reproduction


Personal stories of home, belonging, and refuge at the War Childhood Museum

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Checkered foundations: How a chessboard educated hundreds

Feyisitan Ijimakinwa. article picture2.j

‘Turn up in your Aso-ebi’: Identity construction and homeland connection among the Yoruba in Canada


A lonely mate

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Recipes for resilience: The complex meanings behind food-related objects

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‘Swimming against the tide’: The fragility and resilience of residual refugees to COVID-19 disruption in Oru


Guatemala: From the border crisis to the immobility of the town of Patzún. The Mayan people at risk


White spaces, black spaces: Transport, bordering and subjectivity between Zimbabwe and South Africa


Love in exile


Dostema: A conversation with my friend


The worldly wander of a Somali passport


Networking for motherhood: The experiences of young Syrian refugee mothers


Life as a long-distance couple: arguments and arrangements between Mexico and the US


Locating citizenship: Pakistani immigrants in Oñati, Basque Country

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