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Empowering global diasporas in the digital era

Diasporas are agents with the capacity to create transnational connections to support their communities both in their countries of origin and in their countries of residence. Technology provides an invaluable tool to galvanize these diasporic efforts to tap into the unlimited potential of the digital space and collaboration. Through technology, diasporas have been at the forefront in developing transnational initiatives to alleviate the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. 

We are thrilled to present this special issue, a collaboration between iDiaspora and Routed Magazine. We would like to thank the authors for sharing their experiences and expertise; iDiaspora for this enriching and rewarding partnership, and for the initiative and unwavering commitment of Larisa Lara Guerrero, Transnational Communities and Digital Communications Officer at the IOM Headquarters in Geneva; and you, our readers. We wish you an inspiring reading!

You can also download this issue as a PDF publication, courtesy of iDiaspora.

Empowering global diasporas in the digital era is also available in Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

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Ali Ahmad Safi.jpg

Diaspora organisations and technology: The role of the Afghan-Dutch diaspora in fighting COVID-19

Aratrika Ganguly - fig 0.jpg

Instagram: A new identity for the descendants of indentureship

Abdul-lateef Awodele.jpg

Twitter orientation and digitalised medical outreach of transnational Nigerian doctors to the homeland during COVID-19

Aida Ibricevic i-dijaspora TITLE PHOTO.p

Innovative approaches in diaspora engagement: i-platform/i-dijaspora connecting the Bosnian and Herzegovinian diaspora

Bardha Qokaj - Cape of Rodon photoS.jpg

Make home a better place through diaspora programmes: Engaging the Albanian diaspora during the pandemic

Charles Senessie AEMRN - fig1 logo.png

The AEMRN diaspora: Bridging the digital divide and knowledge gap through innovative digital technologies

Divya BalanS.jpg

Mobile women without mobile phones: Indian domestic workers in the Gulf

Hélène Le Bail _ Ya-Han Chuang.png

French Asian youth online: constructing collective identity and fighting against racism

INTIMAL  Fig1DrawingDreams.jpg

INTIMAL: Relational listening that unknowingly prepared us for the COVID-19 pandemic

Karim Chabrak - Coinsence logo.png

Creating global currencies for sustainable development

Foteini Kalantzi S.jpg

The role of technology in the enhancement of diasporic networks

Kirstie Kwartang_def.jpg

How Clubhouse connects the Ghanaian diaspora

Melissa Vida _ Bree_ya Brown.jpg

Central American News: The diaspora’s media that bridges Central America and abroad

Kazeem Ojoye fig.1.jpg

Diasporas’ transnational engagement through the use of mobile applications and online platforms to respond to the pandemic

Jihad Alabdullah - Manzoul.png

The experience of the Manzoul organisation in using digital technology to support the Syrian diaspora

Melanie Stanek - ODW Lab in Tijuana.HEIC

Bridging the gap in digital literacy for asylum seekers in Mexico

nadine loza, cover S.JPG

Emigrating e-Services: Diasporic insta-advocacy and the Egyptian ID card renewal process

Upasana Khadka.jpg

Nepali migrants’ use of social media during the pandemic

Theresa Fianko S.jpg

Breaking diaspora engagement barriers through effective media communication


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The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) or Routed Magazine.

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