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Love, family and friendship across borders

Love, friendship and family ties reach beyond borders. Through migration and mobility, people on the move build connections that spread across geographies and take a variety of forms. New relationships develop in receiving societies, weaving together migrant communities and binding locals and migrants. Children of migrant and mixed families grow up navigating two cultural universes, and often crafting their own. As these new ‘roots’ unfold, migration also shapes the ties with those in the place of origin and creates new forms of kinship solidarity and transnational care, from remittances to family group chats, reinventing the ways in which we ‘do family’. 

At the same time, borders and distance are also agents of separation. Border and deportation policies that tear families and loved ones apart have become common in many countries. In other cases, borders arise and harden between family members, who adapt to and resist the new barriers in their daily lives, and navigate reunion after walls fall. 

In this issue, we reflect on stories of connection and distance across borders, looking into the political and social dimensions of migration, family, love, and friendship. Some of our authors use academic lenses to shed light into the everyday lives of Syrian refugee mothers, or the implications of family reunification policies; others share with us a glimpse into their own family stories.


As this issue marks Routed Magazine's first anniversary, we want to thank all our writers once again for their generosity. Their voices are very much needed in today's world - and we couldn't ask for better fellow travellers along the route.

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For the love of family: The Filipino/a nurse diaspora


The trail of three brothers: A story of mobility and fixity from Liverpool Chinatown


Dostema: A conversation with my friend


Poesía del Exilio a Tres Voces – “Desnudas”


Life as a long-distance couple: arguments and arrangements between Mexico and the US


The border toll: Relations at the Irish border in the age of Brexit


Family reunification of unaccompanied minors: Realities of the European asylum system


A foreigner at home


Love, a central catalyst for my international mobility


The human heart: The invisible baggage of migration


A relationship beyond borders: The emotional impact of Brexit


Networking for motherhood: The experiences of young Syrian refugees mothers


Love beyond labels: Resettlement in Amish country


1 family, 2 countries, 3 borders: Children and youth expressions of love in spaces of family separation


Love in exile


Finding ‘Home’ across borders: Upholding love, care and culture in my transnational family


The worldly wander of a Somali passport


A virtual red lollipop for my grandchild


Compulsory strength: Maternal love in circumstances of exile and displacement


Family reunification within the European family

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