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A Desi Girl Goes to London

Seeing like a poet

In the messy world of migration politics, art has the power to stir debate, promote action and open our imaginations to new political possibilities.

This issue focuses on forms of

art that speak of movement and space, belonging and otherness, hopes and fears.



Zehra - Bird on a Wire by Chris Campbell

A Desi Girl Goes to London

'People think refugees just likely know things' (a found research poem)

Migration on the ballot: European elections and migrant enfranchisement


The Mediterranean status quo: European cooperation or sporadic solidarity?


32 by 45: the Trump administration defines a national emergency


'The Colombian Dream': Portraying the new routes

Arts & Culture
Qisetna2 - C Haddad.jpg

Interview with Juan delGado, founder of Qisetna: 'We wanted to reclaim a space for Syrians to share their stories'

Ashley's picture for the sake of scholar

For the sake of scholarship: A tale of two passports

Giselle_s woman.jpg

Prose from the Eurostar

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