When the invisibili become essenziali


Read our latest issue on the effects of COVID-19 on migrants and mobile workers around the world

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Platform (im)mobilities: Migration and the gig economy in times of COVID-19

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Migrant workers in the tourism industry: How has COVID-19 affected them, and what does the future hold?

(Max) Catherine Bryan Violet in Personal

On labour migration and reproduction in the time of COVID-19

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‘Have I really survived?’: On home, refuge, and quarantine in Rome

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In honour of Sarah: A call to recognise the complexity of queerness in exile

Sudan revolution

Ripples of a Massacre: Militiamen, European border externalization and Revolution in Sudan


COVID-19 may not have reached Syrian communities in the Middle East, but its domino effects have


Portugal, a beacon of migrant rights? It’s complicated


What if this were the end of mobility? A (not so) dystopian reading of current affairs


A Word Away: A new film by Mollie Moore


L'après (The After): Resilience stories


What to watch: La Cocina de las Patronas

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